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Henry and Bethel Hoffman House

Historic Landmark No. 690
Henry and Bethel Hoffman House

Unknown, Architect
Pack & Peterman, Builders


Talmadge Park Community

Historical Landmark No. 690 - Designated October 2004

A Pack & Peterman House
The 1928 Henry and Bethel Hoffman House in San Diego's exclusive Talmadge Park Unit 1 subdivision is historically significant as an excellent example of a 1920s English or "Storybook" style home. Storybook style homes dominated the first wave of houses constructed from 1926-1928 in Talmadge Park Unit 1.

This community is as yet an unrecognized historical district, but the entire subdivision embodies distinctive architectural characteristics that reflect consistent planning and subdivision design. In fact, some residents refer to the current cultural landscape as "Talmadge Circle" because North, East, and West Talmadge Drive form a continous loop around geographic ridges and canyons.

November 1920 San Diego Union Newspaper Article
The first wave of development was the Movie Girl Subdivision promoted in 1925 by local realtor and investor Roy C. Lichty. Talmadge Park was designed from the beginning to provide high-end buyers with investment value properties. Lots came with all the necessary "improvements" such as paved sidewalks, curbs and gutters, electricity, gas, and water.

"Storybook" style houses are often found comfortably set between more predominant Southern California Spanish and bungalow style residences. Marketed as “English” style in the 1920s, the homes were popular in America throughout the 1920s because of their immediate charm that evoked a comfortable and cozy sense of Old World heritage.

In contrast to their Spanish-style neighbors, the Storybook houses stood out as the exception, making an immediate statement of place with their high-peaked rooflines, stone or brick walls, half-timber facades, and 17th century style leaded glass fixed and casement windows. Rustic front walkways were often accented by bright cottage gardens that invited visitors right up to the welcoming front door.

Newspaper Advertisement for the firm of Pack & Peterman
Henry "Hy" and Bethel Hoffman commissioned local builders Farrell Knowlton Pack and Robert Francis Peterman, of the San Diego firm Pack & Peterman to build the house and they completed it in 1928.

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