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The Clarence and Gertrude Beatty / Wayne McAllister House

Historic Landmark No. 674
The Clarence and Gertrude Beatty / Wayne McAllister House

Wayne D. McAllister, Master Architect
American Building and Investment Company


Mission Hills Community

Historical Landmark No. 674 - Designated July 2004

Wayne D. McAllister is regarded as a master architect whose professional career began in San Diego and spanned 74 years in California and Nevada. Wayne D. McAllister and his wife and architectural partner Corinne Fuller McAllister have been known particularly for their work beginning with the Agua Caliente resort in Tijuana, Mexico, the Civic Center on Park Boulevard which the City of San Diego commissioned in 1931 in a Spanish Baroque style similar to Agua Caliente, and later designs of car-hop drive-ins, Las Vegas hotel casinos such as the glitzy El Rancho, Desert Inn, and Sands, and automobile age hotel, motel, liquor store, and coffee shop space age “Googie” and modern architecture. On May 24, 1926, Clarence N. and Gertrude H. Beatty bought the vacant lot from Union Trust Company of San Diego and hired Wayne D. McAllister to design an $11,000 home.

Logo for Bemis Bros. Bag Company which was the family business for house resident Mary Sawtelle Bemis McLemore.
In 1944, the Beattys sold the house to Mary Sawtelle Bemis McLemore. She and her late husband, Thomas Jefferson McLemore, were associated with the family business, the Bemis Bag Company. Mary’s uncle, Judson Moss Bemis, founded the J.M. Bemis Company in 1858 when he was only 25 years old. The firm eventually became the largest manufacturer of packaging products in the world. Their trademark became a bag with a cat peeking out.

Following Mary’s death in 1955 the house sold to Sim J. and Bertha F. Harris. Through post-war 1950s, the name Sim J. Harris was a common sight on construction signs along street construction in San Diego County. Prior to moving to the house in 1955, they lived at 4405 Trias Street at the corner of Trias Street and Fort Stockton Drive. This property is the 1913 Hay-Burke House, which was the San Diego Historical Society’s 2003 “Annual Showcase House.”

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